Glass Affair

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads and Jewelry by Sue Power

Artist Bio

“I have always loved art. Throughout my life I have experimented with various mediums, but never one as fascinating as glass. I’ve loved fabric for the textures, patterns, and color, as well as acrylic paints for the endless combination of colors and variety of technique. Glass however, embraces all of these elements; in fact, making beads is like painting with glass. And yes, there’s fire and it’s hot!”

Sue Power

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Sue started her journey into lampwork in 2006. She creates beads in her studio in New Westminster, where she has been a resident for over 25 years – not far from her place of birth. Although mainly self-taught, she owes much of the pleasure and satisfaction she receives from this form of art to the guidance and instruction of the online lampwork community around the world. She has also been fortunate enough to have taken instruction from world class lampwork artists such as Michael Barley, Andrea Guarino, Sherry Belamy and Corina Tettinger.

She looks forward to many years of developing her talents and bringing wonder and joy to those who appreciate this amazing art form. She loves meeting and explaining her art to those who are interested. And, who knows… maybe she will be lucky enough to inspire you to follow your passion!
Sue’s work can be purchased online through her web site and  at several local sales throughout the year.

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