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A New Year!  And finally…. some New Beads!


Where did 2016 go?!  I can hardly believe how fast time passes as I get older.  Although It has been a while ( okay, a long,long while 🙂) since I posted, it does not mean I have not been learning about and creating glass art!  

Last spring I went to a Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas where I learned so many new and exciting techniques that I became quite overwhelmed! It will take me years to explore and develope everything that was packed into those  five days!

In the fall I joined my daughter in Europe and travelled through Italy and France. Of course we visited Murano, Italy where some of the most incredible glass art sculptures in the world are found. This is also the place where a lot of the glass I use to create my Beads is manufactured.

To start this year off I decided to limit myself to using only a few colors to create as many different types of Beads as I could. So far I’ve been using the same color pallet for over a week and I still have more ideas exploding in my head!  So here is what I’ve come up with so far!

These are really tiny Beads!  

This one…. not so small. –  about 1 1/2 inches

And last but not least ( still on my work bench!):

Author: Sue

Lampwork Glass Artist

3 thoughts on “A New Year!  And finally…. some New Beads!

  1. Looking forward to seeing in person. these are beautiful!


  2. There’s nothing like travel to inspire the imagination 🙂


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